School Support

School Support for Existing Schools

What We Provide:

  • A system that works and comprehensive support.
  • Established systems with decades of success.
  • White-label or own brand online school operating system.
  • Trained admin staff, bilingual telephone services, and student fee collection support six days a week.

Key Benefits:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Streamlines operations and automates tasks.
  2. Cost Savings: Reduces administrative costs.
  3. Scalability: Adjusts as the school grows.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Provides useful analytics.
  5. Increased Competitiveness: Attracts more students and teachers.

For Admin Staff:

  • Automates administrative tasks.
  • Improves communication.
  • Manages access to information.
  • Simplifies reporting.

For Teachers:

  • Streamlines lesson planning.
  • Provides easy accessibility.
  • Automates assessment.
  • Facilitates feedback and communication.

For Students and Parents:

  • Simplifies school attendance and engagement.

Cost Options:

  • Basic: ¥7,500~/month (up to 100 students)
  • Options: ¥10,500~/month (up to 100 students)
  • Tel: ¥25,000~/month (up to 100 students)
  • Debit: ¥40,000~/month (up to 100 students)
  • Tel +: ¥55,000~/month (up to 100 students)

Think about how much all this would cost if you had to pay for it all yourself. Building an IT system from scratch, recruiting and training staff is beyond all but the biggest budgets. As a Modern English affiliate, the costs are clear and scalable.



(Number of students: up to 100)
Set Up Fee: Free

 Three months free. All set up and operations by user.



(Number of studens: up to 100)
Set Up Fee:¥20,000

・Live Schedule (LS) Set up, anonymous operations by Modern English (ME).
・Data preparation by user.
・Data flow defined and set up by user.



(Number of students: up to100)
Set Up Fee: ¥30,000

・Data preparation and data flow set up assistance included
・ME answers phones and email on scheduling
・Dedicated, generic Live Schedule telephone number and email
・User retains own brand



(Number of students: up to 100)
Set Up Fee: ¥40,000

・ME collects student fees;
・Issues monthly statement, arranges transfers where applicable;
・CSV debit operations only, Credit Card handling fees on request

Tel +


(Number of students: up to 100)
Set Up Fee: ¥55,000

・ME answers phones and email on enquiries, counselling etc.
・User dedicated number answered in your school’s name:
“Hi, this is Bob’s English School. How can we help?”

*Minimum fees apply.
 All plus sales tax
 User Credit Card Payments + 4.9% + ¥99

Take it Further






     Online management system,



     AND Contacts.

In business since 1998, there is little we haven’t done. We can WHITE LABEL our entire operation so you can use it with YOUR BRAND. We can source and LICENCE COURSEBOOKS for your EXCLUSIVE use. This means all the work is already done, and WITH OUR HELP, you’re ready to TAKE IT FURTHER.

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