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Why buy a Modern English Franchise?

Five reasons: Flexibility; unlimited earning potential; superior support; ready-made curriculum; freedom.

When I bought my Modern English Franchise 4 years ago I was nervous. It was a big step going from English teacher to owner operator overnight. What I found was an unparalleled business, with superior support and staff that gave me flexibility, freedom and nearly unlimited earning potential. Within a few months I was exceeding my expectations and earning a decent teacher’s salary above the more than reasonable franchise fees and overheads! At the peak of my total earnings from all sources, within 2 years of opening, I was earning more than 600,000 yen per month AFTER expenses! And I was teaching less classes than my last job!

This really is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Modern English’s extremely competitive sign up fees, ready made curriculum and 24-7 online support are unbeatable. The curriculum makes lesson planning a breeze, and the full time Japanese staff are as professional and hard working as they come.

I simply could not recommend any franchise system more.

Here’s why:

I was lucky to get in early – I bought the company’s first franchise after the previous owner quit. The price was 450,000 yen. I made a downpayment of 80,000 yen, then paid 23,000 yen per month. By month 2, I was saving money and the business was paying for itself.

When I sold my school for 1 million yen, I made a whopping 115% return on investment-to-sale price. A fantastic return and a great investment on my part.

Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about – I’m so glad I did it. (July 2008)

Sean O’Leary

Former franchisee

I worked at Modern English for almost 3 years, and in that time met a lot of wonderful people. The teachers were all interesting, fun to work with and offered different points of view on all manner of topics. The Japanese reception staff were very friendly and helpful and I couldn’t have done my job without them. Modern English provides a comfortable atmosphere in which students learn in small groups. As a teacher, I think the big advantage is that students stay in the same groups and can gain confidence in a familiar setting. This was also important for me, as I was able to tailor my lessons to the needs of my students. Learning another language is challenging, it can be difficult and frustrating, but it can also be a lot of fun and very rewarding. The students I taught always tried hard and did a good job in lessons, and we all had a great time together. I have learnt from them as much as they have learnt from me. My time at Modern English was very valuable, I have made some friends who I will never forget. Modern English feels like a family. I thank everyone who made my time there as good as it was.

Samantha Mears

former teacher

Modern English is the perfect Eikaiwa (English school) franchise opportunity. Franchisees can concentrate on teaching, and teach the way they feel most comfortable with, while the staff works hard to keep the class schedules flowing smoothly, and the teachers’ and students’ needs met. I have taught in Japan for over a decade, and I have never been more satisfied than when teaching at my own Modern English school.

John Podeszwa

current franchisee

For those who love to teach, there is nothing more satisfying than a student who genuinely wants to learn. When it seems that most teachers in Japan trudge through their day and see each new student as a burden, I count myself lucky that my students came eager to learn, talk and participate. The Modern English system of student enrolment and curriculum makes a class environment which is low stress for both teacher and student. Modern English is a progressive school, providing a fresh alternative to larger corporate schools and slipshod private affairs, the name is not `Modern` English for nothing.

My time at Modern English started as a teacher. When the time came for me to open my own school, I already knew it would be a Modern English school – the only question was not “if?”, but “when?” Modern English allowed me to focus on my real business; teaching. My students trust and feel secure in the membership and scheduling systems. The Modern English system provides a security and a freedom not only for my students, but also for myself.

Owen Kozlowski

Former teacher and franchisee

I worked for Modern English for over one year and I absolutely loved it. There was never a bad day at Modern English, the staff were always very helpful whenever I had questions and all the students were fantastic. I did not have one student I didn’t enjoy teaching. The school had such a warm atmosphere, which made all the students and staff feel comfortable and relaxed. There were a large variety of resources to use for teaching, so I never became bored and neither did the students. I highly recommend Modern English for anyone wanting to enjoy studying or teaching English. I am positive you will not only have a great time but you will also learn a lot.

Sallyann Penaluna

Former teacher

I enjoyed working at Modern English, it’s a great place to work. The students like coming along and we have a lot of fun while practicing English. Modern English is well resourced, with plenty of new ideas and advice on how to use them. The staff are really well organized and easy to communicate with. Modern English has managed to keep a friendly, small school atmosphere, which makes all the difference to me.

Brent Vosper

Former teacher

Working at Modern English I felt as though I was working at the forefront of a new wave of English teaching. Real English taught by real people. I felt a real sense of connection with all my students, both kids and adults, which gave rise to a genuine desire to communicate. Given such a situation, its impossible not to learn and I feel sure everyone enjoyed the experience.

Elyse Callaghan

Former teacher

Modern English is the best place I’ve ever worked. The staff were always helpful and worked brilliantly at keeping everything under control. The teachers supported each other with advice on lessons, students, and anything else. The atmosphere was always welcoming, a place the students seemed relaxed in. So relaxed in fact, that one little boy came in the school door saying, “Tadaima!” (“I’m home!” or “I’m back!”) Modern English was a brilliant experience for me. I recommend it to anyone — prospective staff and students.

Lucy Whitehead

Former teacher

I enjoyed working at Modern English. The school is both relaxed and well organized. The students always seemed keen to attend lessons and were a pleasure to teach. Modern English offers practical lessons in a comfortable setting. It was one of my favourite teaching jobs during my time in Japan.

Shannon Day

Former teacher

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