Training & Support

We provide full training in teaching and operations. We have bespoke curricula for kids and adults and will train you how to use them. While our curricula provide the backbone of the material, it does not chain you to the method the way some high street schools do. We encourage and expect you to adapt and add to the materials provided to best meet your students’ needs. We believe this is what will make you a successful teacher, and a successful business owner.

We do great trial lessons. We will train you and show you how, in around 20 minutes, to evaluate a student’s level, then give them a demo lesson that will introduce our brand and philosophy and, most importantly of all, ensure 75-80% of them sign up as a new student at your franchise.


Operations training will show you how to communicate simply and effectively with our reception staff. We have done all the hard work and once trained, your administration tasks are kept to a minimum to allow you to get on with the teaching.

Marketing — we will demonstrate and train you in proven methods that will have prospective students calling us about your school. Around two-thirds of these calls will generate free trials. Around three-quarters of free-trials will become students. This means that about half of all leads will become students. The more leads you get, the more students you get — simple.

The team that got you there keeps you there. You are provided with operations and teaching manuals that lay out exactly what you need to do, though we are close by to handle any problems that come up.

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Make Learning Happen.

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